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Other Special Extrusion Systems

PET bottle flake recycling and pelletizing equipment

In the process of recycling PET bottle flakes, there are strict requirements on the viscosity of the particles. After years of hard work and accumulation, the company has developed two types of products for customers to choose from for this market. One is economical, using ordinary stretch-cutting methods. , The other is a high-yield and energy-saving type, which adopts the advanced water-stretching and pelletizing method, simple operation and convenient maintenance


1. The typical host configuration is as follows


Complete sets of silicone rubber series equipment

The silicone rubber series has always been one of our company's advantageous products. Thanks to years of accumulated technology and continuous feedback from customers, the technology is mature and the equipment runs stable, which is well received by customers.


2. The typical host configuration is as follows


Wood pelletizing equipment

The co-rotating twin-screw wood molding grain line, through years of exploration and summary, can customize ordinary conventional models and high-yield, high-durability models according to customers' production needs.


3. The typical host configuration is as follows