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Engineering Plastic Granulation System

The modification of engineering plastics requires relatively high stability for twin-screw extruders, which is mainly reflected in the accuracy of the metering system, the transmission box can withstand high speed and high torque, the material of the barrel screw and the pelletizer have a long wear resistance, and the entire system Highly automated and digital

Automatic weighing system based on weightlessness scale measurement to meet the fluctuation error of each component raw material ≤0.5%


High-reliability gearbox, torque grade up to 13.5N.m/cm3, speed up to 1200rpm, transmission efficiency higher than 96%, safety factor ≥1.25


Provide a variety of barrel, screw, mandrel material solutions to meet the needs of customers at different levels

The typical cylinder material is as follows


Typical screw materials are as follows


Typical mandrel materials are as follows


Provide a variety of barrel heating solutions to meet different energy-saving efficiency and stability requirements


Cast copper and cast aluminum heating plate


Nano infrared heater


Heating rod heating


Comparison of barrel heating methods

Provide an advanced double-layer composite water channel barrel cooling solution, which ensures efficient cooling while ensuring uniform temperature around the barrel


The cutter system of the pelletizer is made of imported materials, wear-resistant and durable, with sound insulation design, easy to clean


Based on PLC, IPC and the Internet, it can realize equipment automatic control integration, massive data storage, multi-device interconnection, and convenient various levels of management and remote debugging and diagnosis services


The typical host configuration is as follows